Monday, 4 February 2013

Social issues in Regards to Nudism

Nudity Shame

Centuries of oppressive thought have convinced many people that the human body is a shameful, worthless object that should be hidden. Nonsense... The human body is one of the most elegant and valuable things on earth. There are few things in existence which compare to it on an artistic, technical, or philosophical level. Celebrate the human body.. It's one of only a handful of truly unique creations.


Some people are afraid of running into someone they know while nude, or being seen by someone they know (or someone they don't) while nude. Remember that you will be around many other people who will also be nude. You may be momentarily embarrassed at first - this is normal - but as you spend more time nude, you will realize that if everyone is nude, no one has cause for nudity-related embarrassment. As for the possibility that you'll run into someone you know - well, if you like them, you've got something new in common to talk about?  Besides, what is there to be embarrassed about? They are there, too, for the same reasons as you.

Gender-Specific Embarrassment

Naturists know that both erections and menstruation are normal, so don't be afraid that your body's natural occurrences will offend other naturists. An erection is embarrassing, but rare, and easy to hide - just grab a towel, roll over, or jump in the water. Most naturists won't even comment about it. (Don't fear the erection your first time - most men will tell you they were too nervous for it to even be possible!) Women may feel uncomfortable being nude during menstruation. No one will be offended if women choose to wear shorts, tampons, etc. during these times.

Feelings of Inadequacy

Many people refuse to go nude because they feel that their height, weight, build, features, etc. are unacceptable. There is no need to feel that you must conform to a standard of beauty or acceptability, especially one you had no part in creating. Naturists come in all shapes, sizes, colors, ages, and beliefs. Naturists have even undergone surgeries, mastectomies, etc., and have the scars to prove it (many have said that naturism helped them further accept these scars.) In naturism, there is no ideal of the perfect body other than yourself. If you can accept yourself for what you are, you will have no problem overcoming your perceived imperfections.


By stripping away clothing, you strip away the armor that protects you from an unkind world. Some people fear this. Naturists believe vulnerability is a good thing. Think about this: in a naturist setting, everybody is vulnerable. The shared vulnerability creates respect and caring for your fellow naturists. Besides, most of your vulnerability probably comes from the awareness that you are nude -- an awareness that becomes less important to you as you spend more time nude.

Fear of Sexual Consequences

Many people are afraid that if they go nude, they invite unwanted attention, possibly even rape. Naturists condemn sexual harassment and sexual assault, and are committed to creating an environment where women and men may both feel safe and non-threatened. Don't let this fear prevent you from trying naturism - harassment and assault are very rare, and are not tolerated by naturists. (And, by the way, naturists enjoy healthy sexual lives like most everyone else - but they enjoy them in private, like most everybody else.)

Fear of Gawkers

By "gawkers" we mean the people who hang around naturist areas solely for the thrill of seeing naked people. Gawkers are not a problem in most areas, but you may encounter them from time to time. Don't let them make you feel uncomfortable. Instead, you should make them feel uncomfortable and out of place. Either they'll leave, or come around to our way of thinking.


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