Saturday, 25 May 2013

Nudity: The Health Benefits of Being Naked

Scope of Blog
This blog has to do with health benefits associated with nudity. This article does not delve in sex or sexuality. The benefits listed in the blog refer to benefits of both genders. But there are some times when things are mentioned about one gender and not the other which is due to the physical makeup of the male and female body. 

The Sun
There shelves full of sun screen products in many stores because you hear about how bad the sun is for you. You hear about how damaging the sun can be to your skin. The sun can cause discomfort at least and skin cancer at worse. The truth is the sun is good for you and have some good benefits for your body, particularly in the production of Vitamin D and mentally also.

The problems that you hear about and are warned about pertains to over exposure to the sun. You man have heard this phrase before and it is especially true when it comes to the sun; "everything in moderation." In the case of the sun moderation is about 10-15 minutes. Anything beyond that you should be wearing one of those screening lotions or even better have on loose fitting clothing.

Spending 10-15 minutes in the sun in a near nude state (have to obey the laws of the land) helps in the production of Vitamin D, the sun helps with your mood, and helps with body processes running smoothly.

Nudity and Air
Many people don't think of it but like you feet needing to breathe, so does the rest of the skin on your body. Exposing yourself to the open air (of course in the privacy of your own home) is always a good idea. Allow your body to breathe and cool itself in the open air in your home. This will work wonders for your skin staying health.

Water and the Naked Body
We know that the body needs to consume about a gallon of water a day to make sure the body is pretty well hydrated and so that many internal processes run smoothly with the smoothly flow of blood helped with the water in the body. But few people pay attention to the fake the skin needs to moisturised also. The best way of doing this is with water. This can be accomplished by letting the water just run on your body after you finished cleansing yourself in the shower; soak a little longer in the bath; and when you are done with shower or bath, allow the body to air dry. By doing these things you allow the water to be absorbed into the skin.

Note: You may want to use a towel in those places that does not dry too quickly (between the toes, under the arms, the crotch area, and for females underneath the breasts). Those areas are the most common areas that bacteria and fungus grew because they stay moist the longest.

No Clothes What a Relief
Probably one of the most recognisable benefit of being nude,is that you are free from those restrictive clothing that many wear. This begins with being free of those undergarments that is maybe a little too tight with that elastic band, the bra that is a little too small so that it holds up the breast, and for those with a little more weight than they like, that ever so tight girdle. You ever wonder why the first thing paramedics, medics do is unfasten clothing especially bras and tight fitting shirts and pants. The answer is that these items tend to restrict the flow of blood.

If you can run around the house in the nude, when feasible, or at least in your bedroom for awhile is always a good thing. You will truly get better blood flow. But, if you must wear clothes, loose fitting, but tasteful is always recommended.


  1. You talk a lot of sense, Jessica ! :)


    i am nudist, support true nudism lifestyle n philosophy, i am from india

  3. One of the biggest health discoveries of all time involves nudity. It's called grounding or earthing. The benefits are so big that house plants with a wire attached & the other end stuck in the ground live much longer then ungrounded plants! I ordered the sheet & wired it to the ground (works better than wall outlet). Humans are meant to live at 0 volts & I noticed on the multimeter that my AC voltage took way longer to drop with clothes between me & the conductive sheet. The Earthing book has a lot of good info, but it's missing a lot of plant photos.
    As long as it's set up right & the person isn't cold, the multimeter tests prove that sleeping with less clothes is healthy. Naked is likely better, but I need to do more testing. Grounding is also a big reason why going barefoot outside is healthy.
    It takes a long time to explain so maybe I'll post a link in a few weeks after I set up a webpage.

    I think I also found another major reason bras cause cancer. Certain materials increase a person's voltage when exposed to EMFs. Bras are mostly synthetic, so maybe they're increasing voltage in the breast area.

    Its kind of funny, a Christian relative of mine who hates seeing skin couldn't say anything after seeing the photos & multimeter readings!

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