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Nude Recreation From A Woman's Perspective

Their First Naturist Experiences

It is Perfectly Normal to Be Scared

Prior to attending your first nudist function it is completely normal to be scared witless. If it's your spouse urging you to try nudism, anger is the normal reaction. Thinking that he is pursuing nudism just to see a lot of other naked women does not help either.

Your first few minutes may be difficult. You may feel vulnerable and ashamed. Trust me, the fear will pass and you will soon discover you are so relaxed you’ll even forget you are no longer wearing clothes! And you will know you belong when it is time to leave and you don’t want to get dressed again. – Julie

What If My Friends Find Out?

A lot of first-timers are afraid their friends, children, or relatives will find out. And God-forbid someone at work learns the truth! Of course, how would they know unless they were there? (In which case, you know their secret also!) Respecting another nudist’s privacy is important. Never ask prying questions (like, “Where do you work?”) or for a phone number or address. If the other person is interested, they will tell you on their own. If someone outside the nudist world confronts you, remember as an adult you have the right to choose any lifestyle you want. Treat the discovery as a great opportunity for a discussion about what nudism is all about (and what it isn’t.) – Nancy

Where Do I Look?

In my own experience (and many nudist women agree) a nudist park is one of the few places where men will talk to your face. After all, they already saw the rest of you, so there is no need to try to steal a glance at the boobs or genitals and wonder – they already know the answer! - Helen

From my experience, it is easier to engage in an eye-to-eye conversation in a nudist environment than it is with people wearing clothes or swimsuits. This helps alleviate the fear of getting caught glancing at the more intimate areas. Nudists don't find such actions offensive unless you are caught full-on gawking. If you feel this may be a problem your first time, just wear a pair of sunglasses. You will soon learn to adapt because, after a few minutes, your brain no longer notices. – Melody

It's the Greatest Feeling

While nudity was not practiced at home, we had only one bathroom so it was not unusual to see Mom or Dad going from their bedroom to the bathroom unclothed. No one was overly shy or embarrassed; it was just no big deal in our house. Later, I attended college in San Diego and went along with friends to Black’s Beach. From my first time there, I loved it! Since I have never had any reservations about nudity. I'm not sure what I could tell someone about their "first time" other than just do it! It's the greatest feeling.. – Lisa

Accepting My Body

When I became a nudist 20 years ago, I definitely had body issues as I was always about 30 pounds overweight. My first visit to a nudist park changed my perspective. I realized that no matter how "big" or "small" I was, there was always someone thinner or heavier. I suddenly felt much more comfortable with my body. Now I am always the first to disrobe and the last to get dressed. – Helen

Lots of people, both women and men, are worried about how they will look compared to others. I hear women say things like "I would have to lose 20 pounds before I would dare do that." But here's the thing: whenever you get with a group of, say, 100 nudists, you will find two or three that will make you say, "Wow, I wish I or my mate looked like that." You will find another two or three that will make you say, "Wow, I'm glad we don't look like that." The other 95 or so look just the same as you! - Marjean

The Freedom to Accept Ourselves As We Are

It used to be hard for me to understand why anyone would want to become a nudist. Being naked was always so embarrassing and uncomfortable for me, even when alone or in front of my husband. I made the choice to try nudism because I needed so badly to overcome the negative force that body-shame was having on my life.

Nudism is not about being seen; it's about the freedom to accept ourselves and others just as we are. We shed uncomfortable clothing to experience the joy of feeling the sun and wind all over us - not just on the body parts that society deems acceptable to be seen.

Nudists are normal people with jobs, families, joys and sorrows. We are young, old, thin, fat, Black, Asian, Caucasian, gay and straight. We are not judgmental about others, contrary to what you may think. We don't critique, grade, categorize, or dismiss you based on your body shape and size. You are what you are, and so am I. I am free to be who I am without prejudice. Body flaws and shame cease to close us off from living life fully because of something we cannot change. And in leaving that shame behind, we become truly free. . – Anna

It takes courage to push your personal boundaries and go naked with others. Not everyone is able to do this, but I invite you to try it and see for yourself. Your body self-esteem will change for the better. - Anna

I Still Sometimes Struggle

I’m one of those women who has always been on the heavy side, but I was lucky to grow up in a family that allowed me not to be afraid of my looks. Soon after I started dating my future husband, he revealed he was a nudist and asked if I would come to a local nudist resort. Believe it or not, it was easy for me to take my clothes off the first time in front of strangers. I know that’s not usually the way it is, but I just felt safe with him there, along with that inner confidence my dad gave me as a girl.

I could stop here and sound like being a nudist is easy. But, it isn’t all the time. Sometimes I still feel self-conscious about my size. I must tell you I feel a lot more comfortable and safe when I am with my nudist friends, because I don’t feel like I’m constantly being judged.

So this is complicated. On the one hand, it was easy for me. But on the other hand, I still sometimes struggle with the cultural influences that conspire to make all women feel that if they aren’t pencil-thin, there must be something wrong. And that’s why I keep coming back. – Cynthia

A Renewed Sense of Self-Worth

Many years ago when I was 21, my boyfriend suggested we go to a nude beach. I was always up to trying something new, but I was totally unprepared for the awe I felt taking my clothes off for the first time and feeling the sun, the ocean breeze , and especially the water openly against my body, and – most important - without anyone caring. In later years, when I met other first-time women, I found most were also very curious and up to trying something new. They wanted to feel the sun and the water, free of the constraints of the conservative life they that lived for so long. After experiencing the freedom of nudity, I saw many of them find a renewed sense of self-worth.

People that you will meet, for the most part, are the most genuine you will ever know because, as the clich̩ goes, there's little to hide, physically or emotionally. Nudists are lawyers, teachers, secretaries, students, grandmothers, policemen and many other professions. If you choose to take the 'plunge' and find out if nudity is right for you, nobody will ever be able to talk you out of it! And you will be gaining new friends that will last forever! РSarah

Welcome to Your Body

Nudism is about acceptance of self and body exactly as they are. If you are expecting to find Playboy-perfect and identical naked bodies, you are mistaken.

Instead, if you would like to learn what real human bodies look like, join us. Each one of us is different. Intellectually, I had known that the path to peace with one's body was not through perfection but through acceptance. However, that understanding didn't move below my neck (my intellect) until I stumbled upon nudism. That is when my gut, my body, my mind and my soul finally got what true acceptance was. Spend time with naked women with mastectomies and men with missing limbs and you learn that we all carry scars.

Once I started, I couldn’t go back. For the rest of my life I will watch movies and ad campaigns and laugh at the sheer silliness of the illusion of perfection I used to believe, and the illusion the advertisers and media heads work so hard to perpetuate.

Welcome to your body! At first, it takes a while to get used to it all, but comfort will come quickly. Heck, wear a wrap as long as you need to. It will come off when you are ready. - Rena

I Wish I had Started Sooner

I have found that a lot of people don't try social nudity until they're middle-aged after the kids have grown and gone. I have heard many who tried it when they were already elderly lament that they regret starting so late in life and wished they had started sooner. – Vivian.

Nudity While Pregnant

I have experienced nudism while pregnant. As my body changed from a petite 120 pounds to a boisterous 175, I was far more uncomfortable adapting to the changes in my body than I was being seen by other nudists during those nine months. I realized that no matter what I looked like, others accepted me more for who I was. They were happier to get to know me as a person than to judge me for my ever-changing appearance. And now that it is over, everyone adores my baby boy! - Melissa

What Did It for Me Was Tennis

I had always been a backyard nudist, so the big step for me was deciding to be nude in front of others outside my immediate family. What did it for me was tennis.

Most nudist parks have tennis courts, and on my first visit to one of the parks I found myself courtside, watching what seemed strange at first glance: people playing tennis but wearing only their tennis shoes and a hat. Soon, I found myself in an easy conversation with others who were also watching. It seemed only a nanosecond later that I found myself invited into a doubles match wearing the same sun clad outfit as the others. It was an awesome feeling! Later that day, I discovered the park had a tennis pro who gave lessons on Wednesdays, so I arranged my work schedule to always get Wednesday off, in order to spend a naked day up at the park improving my game. I became so devoted to the schedule that a few years later I refused a job promotion because I would not be able to get my normal Wednesdays off.! – Lesley

Volleyball is the National Nudist Sport

I discovered that most parks have a volleyball court, which apparently is the national nudist sport. Be it on asphalt, or beach sand, or in the water, there is always a game going on.

What I discovered is that, once started, playing sports while nude is hard to stop. And no sweaty clothes afterwards! The sun, the grass, and the new friends are all important to me now as they are the perfect way to help me recharge my internal batteries whenever I need it. So if you come looking for me, try the volleyball area. – Beverly

These People Are an Inspiration to Me

It occurs to me that over the years I have seen few “perfect bodies,” but I have seen several who had suffered some extreme medical challenge such as a mastectomy, advanced MS, amputation, extreme burn scarring, or facial reconstruction (as a result of a car accident). Those people came to social nudity on the recommendation of their physician or therapist in order to heal themselves mentally so they could accept their torn bodies. Just quietly talking to them in the pool or Jacuzzi was always an inspiration to me. Whenever I feel self-conscious because I am a little overweight, I just think of them and their courage. – Leslie.

Don’t Listen To Your Well-Meaning Friends

I have always been comfortable about nudity at home, but I had never considered myself a ‘nudist.’ So when my boyfriend told me he had been a nudist for many years and wanted to know if I was open to the idea of spending a weekend at a local nudist park, I said, “Sure, why not?”

The day before we went, a female work friend took me aside and said she was concerned about the “path” I was about to embark upon. “Path?” I said. “Swinging,” she replied. “Isn’t that what this is all about?” Once I stopped laughing and regained my composure, I told her being a nudist has nothing to do with open sex or swinging. It’s about having the freedom to be accepted for who I was.

My nude weekend was a Halloween party at Deer Park Nudist Resort with Dave’s SCNA club. As soon as we arrived, we started meeting other nudists. Any hesitation I had about baring my body vanished when I saw the assortment of people: short and tall, slim and overweight, young and elderly. It all seemed so, well, natural. Nudity has an amazing way of leveling the playing field.

The Halloween weekend was great - and I left asking Dave how long it would be before we could do it again! When I returned to work, I told my friend of my weekend, and she seemed to be a little jealous of my positive experience. My advice? Don’t listen to your well-meaning friends. They really don’t know what they are talking about. - Debi

A Supportive, and Diverse Community

If someone had suggested to this shy, self-conscious young women from a strict Irish-Catholic family, that someday I would become a “card-carrying” nudist, I would have said, “You are crazy!” I felt horrified to shower with other girls my age after PE class in Jr high.

Then I tried social nudity (at first, reluctantly) in my late 20’s and fell in love with the liberation of being clothes-free in a supportive and diverse community. I have experienced much more staring at my ample breasts in the clothed world than I have ever experienced as a nudist woman. Actually the men I meet at naturist events have overwhelmingly been respectful gentlemen and “viewed” me as a whole person and not as an “object.” Plus, I met the love of my life at a nudist park! - Patty

I Was the Last Person to Shed My Swimsuit

I was vacationing at a resort in the Caribbean. The first two days were spent on the beach sitting in a soggy swimsuit and being chafed by sand. I signed up for a day boat trip and picnic at a beach on an island away from the resort. As we were leaving, I discovered that the excursion was to an island with a nude beach! I admit my first reaction was that this is something that was not an acceptable practice. I decided to go anyway, thinking no way was anybody getting me out of my suit.

I stood firm, and, in fact, I was the last person to give in and shed my swimsuit – but I was also the last one to get dressed to return to the resort. Why hadn't someone told me about this sooner?

Everyone will tell you that once you have made your first visit, the feeling of apprehension will vanish. I was hooked, and that was over 30 years ago.

The phrase, "nude when possible, clothed when practical," definitely describes me. I do wear shoes when vacuuming the house though, as I have a habit of running over my toes with the vacuum cleaner. – Cheri Donna


One of the Safest Places You Can Go

Some people are worried that this is an open sexual environment and they will be harassed. Nothing could be further from the truth. Resorts are places where No really means NO and you are very safe. The men do not want to lose their club privileges. It's one of the safest places you can go. – Helen

No Means No

A nudist park is like every place else: people meet here, fall in love, and have children. If a man seems interested, but you aren’t, all nudist parks also have a rule: “No means No.” If anyone – ever - makes you feel uncomfortable, let management know right away, and the park will take appropriate action. – Nola

Some people are worried that this is an open sexual environment and they will be harassed. Nothing could be further from the truth. Resorts are places where No really means NO and you are very safe. The men do not want to lose their club privileges. It's one of the safest places you can go. – Helen

"Don’t Do Anything You Don’t Want to Do

Anytime anyone asks someone to do anything they don’t want to do, the answer should be “NO!” regardless of who and what. If someone is uncomfortable doing something or they are not sure they want to, then they should wait. But that decision has to come from inside one's self. A socially nude environment actually helps build that self-esteem so you are more comfortable saying out loud what that inner voice is saying to you. - Dianna

What About My Period?

During the first couple of days, I feel more comfortable staying home until I am able to control my flow with a tampon. You wouldn't go somewhere without precautions in a textile setting, so you shouldn't do it in a nudist setting either. Menstruation is looked upon as a normal, healthy function. Most parks allow women to wear bikini bottoms or shorts during this time, and some women just wear a tampon and tuck the string up inside. Either way, it is not a subject to be commented on by other guests. - Jen


Don’t be surprised if there are nude families with children wherever you choose to go. I always found it interesting how little kids take to nudism naturally without shame or a care in the world. Yet these same kids, once they become teenagers, suddenly get all confused and self-conscious about their changing bodies and come to the park far less often. Then at about twenty, after the hormones stabilize, they return but without their parents. Instead, they come with a friend or group of friends, anxious to share the experience with them. - Georgina

I felt very awkward my first time, but once I got comfortable with myself I realized it was no big deal. I enjoy meeting other kids my age at events. I feel safe here, much safer than at a shopping mall. The adult nudists always look out for the kids. I have only told a few school friends because I think many believe nudity is something bad, and I just don’t want the hassle of arguing with ignorant people. The few I have told, however, can’t wait to try it someday! – A.M., age 11

I have always been oversized and self-conscious. My mom suggested I give it a try because I would feel so much more comfortable with my clothes off. She was right! And the great thing is, nobody made fun of me or my imperfections! In the few years I have been a nudist, I have seen all shapes and sizes, and I am proud of the way everyone is just so accepting of everyone else. I am glad I didn’t wait to lose my extra pounds before I tried it, because I never would have come! And by the way, I felt so much better about myself after becoming a nudist, that it motivated me to lose the weight. Want my advice? Do it! - A.A.

Please, don’t worry about people who have concerns about you participating with your children. There is nothing wrong, and it is their problem, not yours. I am a mom and a grandmother, and my children and sons-in-law have accepted it and think it is fine! And their opinion is more highly regarded by me than anyone else I can think of. – Linda


Want to work up the courage before going?

First, try being nude in your own home. Try sleeping nude--once you get used to it, you won't want to sleep any other way.

That's the first easy step. Then, when you take your shower or bath, don't grab for a robe for at least 30 minutes, then an hour, then several hours. Do your nails, set your hair, write your email, or read the newspaper. I think you will enjoy it. (Be sure to always sit on a towel – this is part of nudist etiquette.) If you exercise, try it without clothes. Try doing the dishes, laundry, or vacuuming nude. It feels wonderful, and you won’t have sweaty clothes when you finish.

Then if you have enough privacy, try it in your backyard. Lay out on a blanket or do a little gardening. If you have a backyard pool, try skinny-dipping.

Now you are ready for the nude beach or club. Relax. You are about to meet your new best friends for the first time! – Gerrie


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