Thursday, 18 April 2013

Tips for Visiting a Nude Beach for the First Time

Why You Should Visit A Nude Beach
You’re probably saying to yourself, “I’d never go to a nude beach because…I’m too hairy, fat, thin, shy, nervous, old, wrinkly, scared or small.” Well first things first, you’ll find lots of people who are also VERY hairy, fat, thin, shy, nervous, old, wrinkly, scared and yes…even small. Nude beaches include people of all shapes, sizes and orientations. The one thing they have in common, they have discovered the secret of sanctioned, public nudity. So forget for a moment your personal opinion about your body. There’s no reason to be self conscious.

Besides, there’s lots of reasons why a nude beach is a fun adventure:

You can eliminate those pesky tan lines.
It’s fun to swim without a bathing suit.
When you go on that first visit, you get that feeling that you got when you were a kid and found that perfect hide-and-go-seek hiding spot. You know the excited butterfly feeling where you knew no one would find you so you get this adreanline rush
Because your body is beautiful

Nude Beach Tips
So hopefully I have convinced you to bare all and get all naturist and everything. So here’s a few tips to make your first visit to the beach successful.

Don’t Arrive Naked – Hey, this is your first time. I just didn’t want you to arrive to the party and embarrass yourself.
Go with a Trusted Friend – Or go alone. Depending on your comfort level. Remember, if you’re gettin’ nekked, so’s your friend.
Leave the Camera at Home – It’s not unlawful, per se. But it is rude. You wouldn’t like others whipping the camera out in front of you. Show the same courtesy.
Don’t Stare – That’s obvious. But it’s tough not to when you’re walking over everyone to find your perfect spot on the sand. And yes, sometimes you may want to sneak a peak. So just wear sunglasses when you do it. Everyone else does.
Bring Suntan Lotion and use it Everywhere – Need I say more? Don’t forget. You’ve been warned.
Act Normal - What do people at a nude beach do? The same thing people do at a regular beach. They: read a book, tan, eat lunch, listen to music on their ipod, sleep, swim, chat with their neighbor about their recent back surgery, drink, go for a walk, etc.
Yep, the last one is a bit odd. You’ll find it odd chattin’ it up with the stranger next to you dressed full out in your birthday suit, but they are wearing their’s too.

Today’s Lesson: Nude beaches aren’t gross. Nor are they dirty. They are just like other beaches, but with a lot more skin. Love yourself and your body. You deserve it.