Tuesday, 12 February 2013

10 Things You Can Do to Promote Nudism

10 Things You Can Do to Promote Nudism

1. Join in any naturist organisation.
2. Tell your friends and family you're a naturist. Persuade those who have open minds to join you.
3. Write to your local paper whenever some naturism-related issue comes up in the news.
4. Write to government officials whenever some policy issue affecting naturists is being decided. (Such as the Honokohau Beach issue.)
5. Put up your own Web page about naturism. Tell the world what it means to you.
6. Get involved with local projects like a beach cleanup, efforts to discourage gawkers at the beach you like best, or activities to promote naturism in your community.
7. Network with other naturists over the Internet, using things like mailing lists, the Web, chat rooms, IRC channels.
8. Learn all you can about the history of nudism/naturism and the factors that affect it.
9. Work for responsible standards of personal behavior at any naturist beach, club, or event you visit.
10. Treat fellow naturists with the fullest respect any honest, responsible individual deserves.
OK, that's more than 10. And more could be added. But it seems about right as a place to start.
Remove Your Clothes!

If you've just been waiting for encouragement to get naked from a mainstream source, especially if you are female, now you have it. Nude-o-Phobia, which (very briefly) analyses the common fear of being naked, and offers a 5-step program to overcome it. The "5 steps to a more naked you:"

   1. Expose yourself. (Get comfortable being nude alone.)
   2. Get to know your body. (Pay attention to your body's sensory signals, especially when unclothed.)
   3. Look at yourself. (Become familiar with - and accepting of - how you look without clothes.)
   4. Move on to semi public nudity. (In commonly acceptable circumstances, such as a locker room.)
   5. Graduate to social nudity. (The real thing.)

The feature, of course, is about body acceptance. The message has been repeated often enough, that people, women especially are needlessly unhappy due to fears their bodies are somehow not "right". But this time the way to overcome the problem is stated very clearly. As the magazine's editor-in-chief herself says, "Go find a nude beach. Remove all your clothes."


  1. Yep, take a look at:, a great sample who we are and what we believe in!

  2. When people see naked bodies from time to time it becomes normal to see naked bodies. We can promote public acceptance by being seen naked as often as we can by the general public in non-threatening encounters. Fairs and festivals. Hiking naked in the woods. Being naked in a field within sight of traffic. Everywhere that a human body can be seen, and every time a human body is seen, it gives the other person an opportunity to experience nudity as a normal human condition.

    Hiding in nudist reserves is good for us, but it doesn't help to educate the public. Hiding in nudist reserves teaches the public that something "wrong" must be going on or it wouldn't have to be hidden. WE can change that by being nude in public often, each of us, every one of us, or at least many of us. Teach the public that nothing bad, harmful, or even shameful happens when they see a human being. We can do it.

  3. This issue, is of natural behavior. Many people twisted into something totally different. People in the nude, are more healthy and more honorable. Then people in clothing, in bad health, includes but not limited to negativity, such as, cheating,stealing, raping, etc. Therefore, my nakedness, became my Holy Temple, instead!