Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Gender Balance in Naturism

Gender Balance in Naturism
Most people would feel ill at ease if we didn't maintain a reasonable and comfortable balance between the genders. Many nudist club attempts to achieve that balance by actively appealing to single women and couples in a very sensitive manner, but still, we sometimes (infrequently) find it necessary to place single men on a waiting list.

Our North American culture is the basis for this potential imbalance. Here, much more than in some other parts of the world, we rear our children to be self-conscious about their bodies. The unspoken message is that there is something "dirty" or unacceptable about our bodies, and an aura of mystique results. When unclothed bodies are only seen in "girlie" magazines and R-rated movies, boys become excessively curious and girls become defensive.

As a result of this upbringing, North American women often need much more courage to visit a nudist club for their first time than men do.  ( It's interesting to note, though, that women frequently find their first visit so comfortable and relaxing that they are more enthusiastic about returning than their male counterparts!  We've seen this happen many times. )  Women tell us that they find it liberating to learn that they can relax au natural in a safe environment where they aren't looked at or thought of in a sexual way.

There should be rewards for people who bring women and couples to nudist club. This program will encourage single men to bring their female friends. It is observed that it's the couples and single women, bringing more of their female friends, than the single guys.


  1. Native communities that lived and are living nude were not and are not gender balanced. As long as the genders behave themselves everything works out. Gender balancing is wack, another notion from the biased.
    I am a naturist and a gentleman of 50 plus years.

  2. Agree Bruce,

    I find that there are clubs here i would be very much interested in joining. But i am a single Male part of what is considered abnormal. I am not single by choice I have been married but find myself now on the outta edges of the naturists society.

    I am branded a perv/Voyeuristic and anything else you can mention. I am sick to death of hearing about Gender balance and non - discrimination in the Naturist community. NOTHING and I mean NOTHING could be further from the truth.